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About Ip Blacklist Lookup Tool

Many people, businesses, and organizations use IP blacklists to block malicious activity. To find out if a domain is on the blacklist, you can either search manually on the list's website or use our IP blacklist lookup tool to find it out.

How it Works

The IP blacklist lookup tool performs an automated search by checking each IP address in sequence against the list which contains control blocks with various types of abuse. The IP blacklisted checkup tool will only report back if an individual IP address is listed in one or more of these blocks.

This tool is a simple and effective way of discovering if your IP address is listed on any of the spam/malware blacklists.

When you search for a domain name on the IP blacklist site, it will provide you with a report of the domains that are on their list and ping those IP addresses to see what happens. Our IP blacklist lookup tool will do this automatically in parallel during our test run so that you can get an accurate assessment of the results.

It is a common misconception that if your domain is not listed on a particular blacklist that it means that your website is free of spam or malicious activity. This simply isn't true.
The lookup tool will return this result: "0 IP's found on the list" if there are no matches, otherwise, it will show a list of the matched IP addresses in order from the highest priority block to any lower priority ones which may be blocking you.