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About Google Index Checker

Google Index Checker is a free web tool that will help you validate the status of your website's Google Search ranking by checking on things like how many pages are indexed, how many pages are in total, what percentage of each have been indexed, and more.


To start using this tool for yourself, just download it and follow the prompts to input your website URL. You'll be able to see your ranking within minutes!


The google indexed pages checker is useful for seeing how your website is performing with regards to Google's internal search engine. You may be wondering why you would want to check this out, especially if you have been following the additional ways of checking your website's search results page.


The main reason for doing this is that you may want to see if there are any pages or portions of pages missing from your website's index, which can affect how well it ranks in the major search engines, especially Google.


You'll notice that by default it will only show the top 10 results which are rather disappointing as most people who are using this tool will probably want to see more than just those top 10 results.

I've found that it usually takes some time for Google to update the information provided on the page index. Sometimes it can take up to a week, so you'll need to keep this in mind before you go ahead and check your website's URL on here.