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About Online Ping Website Tool


An online ping website tool sends a signal to a specific website and measures how long it takes for the website to respond.


This tool will also ping & submit URLs to Google and the web crawler will index after search engine submission.


Easy way to submit every type of URL to be indexed in GOOGLE.


This tool can be used to test the availability of a website, diagnose networking problems, and measure the performance of a website.


There are many different online ping website tools available, but the most popular one is ours.


Our tool allows users to ping up to five websites at a time. When using this tool, simply enter the website's URL into the text field and click the "Ping" button.


The ping tool will then send a signal to the website and measure how long it takes for the website to respond.


The results will be displayed in a graph, and users can also see the response time for each individual ping.