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About Page Speed Checker

Page Speed Insights Tool provides you with an overview of how well your site performs on mobile devices, desktop browsers, and other factors that affect page load time.


Page speed is a crucial factor in determining the success of a website. It is important to make sure that your website loads quickly and efficiently.


The Page Speed Checker tool is a tool for checking your website or web page for optimization issues. The process of using this tool is simple and easy to use.


What is page speed?

Now hold on before you get too far and start to panic, page speed has nothing to do with your site or internet speed. Remember that a website or webpage is a series of “pages”, which are grouped together and these groups are referred to as “pages” or “webpages”.


The pages in a website or webpage interact between themselves and sometimes they show up as duplicates if the pages are not formatted correctly. The pages may also interact with other pages on the website, which means that the web page is more than just the web page itself.


A page speed check must really be broken down into two parts, the 'first' part being the server-side and the second part is the client-side.


Benefits of a fast loading website

Websites with slower loading times are more likely to have higher bounce rates and less time on page, which means that people will not be able to find the information they are looking for and sadly, this can have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. There are many benefits of a fast loading website including:


Search Engine Optimization - Pages that load quickly give visitors the opportunity to spend more time on a website and can actually improve your search engine rankings through extended dwell times and higher click-through rates.
Improved user experience - Users will have an easier time browsing a website with slow-loading pages and will increase their comfort level as they get to the areas of a website that are just as important.


Increased sales - A fast loading page can show that customers are able to easily access the information you provide, which means that sales may increase for products and services as people buy more items. If a customer has to wait longer than expected for pages to load in order to access what they need, they may decide not to buy anything at all.


With our page speed tool, You can see how your site is doing and make it faster.


The page speed tool can tell you:


How long the average page takes to load (e.g., how long it takes for a page to completely load).


How many HTTP requests the average page makes (e.g., how many requests have been made to the server, and what they say).


How many bytes are used by each HTTP request (e.g., this is the data size of all requests on the server).