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About Search Engine Spider Simulator

A Search engine spider simulator tool mimics the behavior of a search engine spider. This includes simulating the crawling of a site or URL, extracting hyperlinks from crawled pages, and presenting a list of the found pages to the user.


The simulator does not crawl like an actual spider but compiles pages for a user's browsing pleasure based on keywords input. Most spiders have been designed to use more than one thread at a time to increase performance. This feature is also available in the simulator with a customizable amount of threads which can be changed depending on your computer's power and specification.


The simulator is beneficial to web developers and SEO specialists who want to be able to test changes they make without actually making them live on their website. It helps them identify problems before they become very visible. It can help them repair the problems when they are too late to fix.


It is also useful to test if the website gets indexed in the search engine results page (SERPS). It helps find out if the site is still being properly indexed by search engines. It can tell you where your link juice is flowing to and where it's not.


Some examples of what you may want to test with this tool:

Has your website been penalized by Google?

Does it have a broken link?

Does it suffer from bad text-crawling code?

Is there an ongoing issue with a service that clutters your codebase?

Could be one or more of these, but most likely it's something else.