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About Website Links Count Checker

Website Link Count Checker is very simple to use, just click on the link below and input the URL of your favorite website. It will tell you exactly how many inbound and external links are there.


Do you know how many inbound and outbound links a website has? If not, there's a tool that can help! Website Link Count Checker is an easy-to-use site that will tell you the number of inbound and outbound links for any website.

 Just input the URL and the tool will do all the hard work for you. Once you click on "submit" at the top, it will tell you exactly how many different websites are linking to your website. 

You can see how many internal & external links are pointing back to your website.


The tool also allows you to see how many times each page of your website has been linked to.


This is a great way for site owners to understand where competitive keywords are being linked from and where their important content is being shared.

A link is considered a "point of presence" if it has more than one entry point into the search engine. It can be inbound, outbound, or both inbound and outbound links.